A/C & Financial services
We offer best accounting services as per the applicable accounting standard to the Manufacturing, Trading and Service Industries.
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ST & Profession Tax
It is a type of tax payable to Local Govt. Apricot Services offer preparation of data, computation of VAT/CST payable and filing of Sales Tax Return form as applicable to the organization.
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Income Tax & TDS
We file income tax return as per individual level to Companies level. We also provides services related to Tax Deducted at Sources / Tax Collected as Sources for preparation of data.
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Accounts Payable
We will be very helpful for the organization to pay their due to external person/organization without any extra charges or penalties.
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Accounts Receivable
We also help to the organization to receive right amount from debtors of the company.
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Legal Services
We offer legal services for any organization as per the requirement of statue of local as well as Central Govt.
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Welcome to the Apricot Services

Apricot Services is a professional accounting services firm providing accounting, bookkeeping and controller services. Apricot Services performs functions such general ledger accounting, payroll, financial analysis, bank reconciliation's and financial statement preparation. Acclaimed for producing customizable solutions for the client's accounting needs of all kinds, we are a comprehensive solution for all your accounting needs. Our dedicated servers using the most modern software and hardware in business today, ensure you have round the clock access to your financial data with guaranteed data security and confidentiality. We consider your satisfaction to be an honest measure of our performance.

Why Choose Us?

Our accounting professionals are highly qualified specialized accountants working on the most up-to-date accounting software programs available to you for an affordable price. We make sure that you can access your data round the clock without any hassles to keep you on top of your finances. Your data remains safe and secure with us. We have taken special measures to safeguard your data against leakage, theft or loss by destruction.

Getting Started

From the beginning, our experts carefully assess your financial services needs according to the nature of your company and suggest the services model best suited to your requirements. The work plan is finalized after extensive consultation with you and a secure communication channel is set up between the two companies. Using the latest technology and established virtual communication arrangements, we make sure that the clients have twenty-four hour access to their data within the secure portal managed by our company. Periodic review of the services and client feedback is an essential feature of our work plan which ensures that we remain efficient accounting partners in your business.

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