Our Services

Accounting & Financial services

Apricot Services offer best accounting services as per the applicable accounting standard to the Manufacturing, Trading and Service Industries. Our services in accounting till the finalization of books of accounts of business organization. Apricot Services also offer best practice and policy for maintaining stocks to Trading and manufacturing industries because stock is important role in profit of the organization.


Apricot Services also helping the organization to get their accounts audited as per the various statue in India. We are offering Sales Tax Audit, Income Tax Audit, Co-operative Society Audit, etc.

Payroll Services

Apricot Services offer the designing of Component for Salary Pay, Steps in Payroll, Compliance of Various Act (i.e. P.T., P.F,ESIC and IT). Apricot Services will support the customer to pay right amount to right candidate with due care of compliance as applicable to that organization as per the various act applicable like, Labour Law, PF Act, ESIC Act, Income Tax Act., Etc.

Accounts Payable

Apricot Services will be very helpful for the organization to pay their due to external person/organization without any extra charges or penalties.

Accounts Receivable

Apricot Services also help to the organization to receive right amount from debtors of the company. It is very helpful to manage sound working capital of the company.

Financial Management Services

Apricot Services offer financial management service for SME or medium size industries to grow with our analysis of actual data of company. Our team support to organization for better establishment and assurance of capital invested by the management.

Financial Reports

Apricot Services offer the financial report for business loan, Personal Loan, Term Loan, Cash Credit and Housing Loan support services.

Legal Services

Apricot Services offer legal services for any organization as per the requirement of statue of local as well as central govt. We also offer company compliance service to fill the various form online as per the Indian companies Act. 2013, LLP Act.

Income Tax & TDS

Apricot Services are filing income tax return as per individual level to Companies level. We also provides services related to Tax Deducted at Sources / Tax Collected as Sources for preparation of data, payment process and filing of Electronic returns. TDS is a part of direct tax which is deducted by an entity who received offered services by his customer.

Services Tax

Apricot Services offer registration of service Tax, Calculation of Services tax and filing of half Yearly return on or before due date to avoid any penalties or Interest charged by the Service Tax Department.

Sales Tax & Profession Tax

It is a type of tax payable to Local Govt. Apricot Services offer preparation of data, computation of VAT/CST payable and filing of Sales Tax Return form as applicable to the organization.

Other Services

Apricot Services offer various other services like, Shop Establishment, L.B.T, P.F Registration, ESIC, etc.